Distance education and innovative teaching methods in higher education of Ukraine during the coronavirus pandemic

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innovative methods
distance learning
higher education
information technologies
pedagogical activity

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Krupko, O. (2022). Distance education and innovative teaching methods in higher education of Ukraine during the coronavirus pandemic. Ukrainian Educational Journal, (1), 18–23. https://doi.org/10.32405/2411-1317-2022-1-18-23


Abstract: The spread of COVID‑19 coronavirus disease in Ukraine in early 2020 contributed to global changes in the education system and intensive implementation of distance learning in all areas of the educational process. When choosing a model for the implementation of distance education, the teacher must take into account all its advantages and disadvantages in compliance with the requirements of discipline and organization of education in such a way as to ensure an adequate high level of knowledge of educational applicants. To ensure the quality of students’ education and to improve it, it is necessary to introduce various innovative technologies in the pedagogical process in accordance with modern trends. The introduction of innovative methods in pedagogical activities for the purpose of modernization, development and use of educational innovative and information technologies of distance learning, promotes comprehensive training of a specialist for professional activities.
The structure of the innovative educational process and the model of implementation of distance education depends on the already known or own development of an interactive form and method of learning using pedagogical technologies, the volume of program material, the availability of electronic sources and their availability, the educational platform on the basis of which training is carried out, as well as on the readiness of teachers and students of education to changes that meet the conditions of a rapidly changing information society.
An effective combination of interactive teaching methods and systems of electronic educational platforms to ensure proper distance learning enables students to gain practical knowledge and skills as much as possible, to promote the development of communicative competencies, to ensure a high level of thinking and acquisition of common and integrated competencies, to obtain theoretical knowledge and turn them into professional practical skills and abilities.
The article discusses the development and formation, main advantages and actual disadvantages of distance education, taking into account training in the process of rapid implementation, modernization and adaptation of innovative teaching methods in the educational processes of Ukraine during the global COVID‑19 pandemic.



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