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No. 2 (2022)
Published June 16, 2022

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Olena Lokshyna, Oksana Glushko, Alina Dzhurylo, Svitlana Kravchenko, Oksana Maksymenko, Nina Nikolska, Oksana Shparyk
Organization of education in war conditions: recommendations of international organizations
PDF (Українська) HTML (Українська)
Tеtyana Lukina
Foreign approaches to the formation of models of self-evaluation of general secondary education institutions
PDF (Українська) HTML (Українська)
Maiia Marienko, Alisa Sukhikh
Organization of the educational process in institutions of general secondary education by means of digital technologies during martial law
PDF (Українська) HTML (Українська)
Daryna Vasylieva
State of mathematics remote teaching during the war in Ukraine
PDF (Українська) HTML (Українська)
Tetiana Vydaichuk
Aspects of the history of the Ukrainian language as a means of forming national identity and historical memory
PDF (Українська) HTML (Українська)
Dmytro Puzikov
Factors influencing the design of the content of complete general secondary education and forecasting scenarios for its development in wartime
PDF (Українська) HTML (Українська)
Tamara Pushkarova
Taking into account the age features of the subjects of knowledge in the conditions of continuous implementation of insight technology
PDF (Українська) HTML (Українська)
Petro Sikorskyi
Pedagogical regularities and their role in the new primary school
PDF (Українська) HTML (Українська)
Valerii Redko, Tamara Polonska
Features of teaching a foreign language to 5–6 grade students of gymnasium with clip thinking
PDF (Українська) HTML (Українська)
Tetiana Hodovaniuk, Daryna Vasylieva
Some aspects of mathematics blended learning organization in schools
PDF (Українська) HTML (Українська)
Ihor Tverdokhlib
Organizational and pedagogical approaches and information technology application for distance learning under martial law conditions
PDF (Українська) HTML (Українська)
Yurii Pavlovskyi
main tasks of improvement of teaching the course of electrical engineering in pedagogical higher education institution for future specialistsin technologies
PDF (Українська) HTML (Українська)
Anastasia Zhdankina
Pedagogical conditions of patriotic education of student youth by means of kobzarism
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